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Seven Tech Software Solutions and Services is one of the best software and e-commerce solutions companies, leading web design and development of professional mobile applications and e-stores.

In Seven Tech, we have the best programmers and professional designers to provide all our services with ease and professionalism. One of our goals is to achieve the digital transformation strategy in the State of Qatar and to enable merchants and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Take action now and be one of the successful entrepreneurs


  • Featured Services
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Quality and professionalism
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Projects we are proud of



Graphic Design

Sites Design

mobile applications

Agency application site

Web Design





Niche Perfume




Circuit Store

شركة سفن تك للحول البرمجية

littletummy موقع site

Web Design

qxb موقع site

Web Design

Qatari Lawyers Friday

Web Design

The Wow Store


Medicli site

Sites Design

Medicli app to book doctors in Qatar

mobile applications

Architectural site in Qatar


Tahlil Identity

Graphic Design

The Wow identity

business identity

Stork logo

Logo Design

The commercial identity of the Circuit Store

business identity

Stork's website

Sites Design

Lala Restaurant

Web Design

Fantasy site

Web Design

Lavender Spa Center Designs

social media designs

Lavender Spa website

Web Design

digital card store

social media designs

Social media designs for Medicli app

Graphic Design

Medicli app for doctors

mobile applications

tea qatar

ui - ux
That's not all.......

Features you get from Seven Tech

We work carefully to produce your site with a quality that matches the standards of beauty and quality that enables you to reach your customers easily, in a distinctive and modern way


  • professional american servers
  • Providing targeted marketing services
  • Unique design for every project
  • Experience and previous professional work
  • Contract and receive your contract online
  • Comprehensive technical support 24/7

design online

Now you can contract with us online and set up your site and application with ease

Choose the right offer

Choose the appropriate package from the packages on the company's website or communicate with the company's work team and get the appropriate offer for your activity.

payment methods

50% of the total contract value was paid and an invoice for the amount was received by e-mail, and we have more than one method to suit you in payment


The agreement and contract were made online, then an official, sealed and certified copy of the company was sent after the owner of the contract or service sent his data to be included in the contract

send the data

The data and pictures of the site and the client's project are sent to us by e-mail or WhatsApp

Complete the contract

After reviewing the site well and making sure that its data is correct, the rest of the amount due will be sent to complete the contract and hand over the site and its entry data.

deliver the website

Delivery of the site online through a program that allows the technical support of the company and the client to have a live presence on the computer screen and an effective explanation of the control panel and everything related to the worker on the site

Start your project now

Are you ready to start your project, you are in the right place

Also, relate to the type of products or services and the activity of your company that you provide. We provide professional, responsive and attractive website design services with all tablets, phones (Android, iPhone) and computers of various sizes, ease of browsing, complete security for all your files and data.


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