about us


about us

Seven Tech Software Solutions and Services is one of the best software and e-commerce solutions companies, leading web design and development of professional mobile applications and e-stores.

In Seven Tech, we have the best programmers and professional designers to provide all our services with ease and professionalism. One of our goals is to achieve the digital transformation strategy in the State of Qatar and to enable merchants and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Take action now and be one of the successful entrepreneurs


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you offer in Seven Tech?

    We provide design services for stores, identification sites, all design services, commercial identities, printing and photography.

  • How do I choose the right package?

    You can determine your need by looking at the packages that we have designed according to the needs of our customers.

  • What is the mechanism of implementation of the work?

    After choosing the required service, the sales department contacts you to confirm the request and know your full perceptions of the project and then start implementation after signing the contract.

  • What are the action steps?

    The work is divided into 3 steps according to the type of project, the first step: is the initial design where it will be discussed with you and approval is taken from you to start it. The second step is implementation. And the third step: is to finish and test the project and hand it over to you. Note (the payment is divided into 3 payments for each step of the work to ensure the rights of both parties)

  • How do I guarantee the quality of the project after delivery?

    After handing over the site or the store, you will be trained to manage your control panel and how to add and deal with content. The company is only responsible for any software malfunction, software technical support is provided and a quality warranty is provided for a full year for free. The company is not responsible for any malfunction caused by the user, and a fee is taken for all modifications after signing the project delivery.

  • Who are the programmers and designers who work in Seven Tech?

    In Seven Tech, we have an office in the State of Qatar, where the management, monitoring of projects and dealing with clients are carried out by the company's managers. We have offices outside Qatar where the best programmers work, as they have been carefully selected from several countries to ensure the provision of the best services of high quality and reasonable prices to customers in Qatar and the Arab world.